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About Us

TSI Tech is an engineering and software technology solutions provider with a focus on developing and providing smart city and collaborative systems. With over 15 years of experience and a proven track record, our customers typically include both large technology companies, government agencies, and commercial entities, across the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East. Being wholly owned by a global investment company, TSI Tech also recently expanded into providing collaborative business systems to enterprise clients and government agencies.

Our corporate headquarters in Singapore coordinates the Group’s global business operations, business development, research and development, and product development across the Asia-Pacific region. We also have an office in Abu Dhabi, UAE which allows us to better service our key clients in the Middle East.

TSI Tech aims to innovate and develop new products, leverage on our core competencies, robust relationships with suppliers and customers, and strong track record, to pursue and grow business opportunities.

Our Mission

TSI’s mission is to empower companies and governmental agencies to design, build, integrate and support to operate unique mission critical systems through seamless integration of current and emerging technologies for effective infrastructure, staffing and response platforms. TSI differs from other firms not only by the depth of our technical expertise, but also because of our business acumen and industry experience.

Our proven track records and experience in utilising our diverse expertise and innovative thinking are relied upon by governmental agencies to design unique innovative solutions not only to overcome current homeland security challenges but also incorporating features that anticipate and manage emerging threats and ability to scale up to for future needs. We design and build end-to-end solutions mitigate risks and overcome challenges for effective operation in a myriad of environments: land, sea, air and cyberspace.

Our innovative solutions are customised to the scale and scope that our clients require.

Surveillance and Intelligence:
classified to unclassified

Emergency Response:
local to global

Infrastructure Security and Privacy: physical to cyber

Our Strengths Is Your Benefit

We have more than 15 years of track record in providing smart city solutions and have successfully provided various smart city solutions to Government bodies and agencies and commercial entities in the Middle East and Singapore. These various projects have contributed to our established track record.

This track record has been achieved through our technical knowledge and understanding of market trends, as well as our emphasis on integrity, discipline, adaptability, and a high level of responsiveness in delivering effective, efficient and reliable solutions to our customers. We believe that our established track record gives us a competitive edge in securing new projects and customers for our Smart City Solutions Business.

We adapt and innovate to remain relevant to market trends, including through product innovation for our Smart City Solutions Business and the pursuit of new business lines such as our new Collaborative Systems Business.